"IIdeniz brings a level of professionalism and personal connection which is rare - I know that she will commit to achieving required goals and I know that she cares about the people she involves along the way." 

Chris Jackson, UK President, EMCC 



"Ildeniz is extremely focused and well organised in her work and relationships. She is energetic, engaging and a real pleasure to work with. All the feedback from client contacts has been very positive. We are delighted to have her as part of the Management team." 

John Leary-Joyce, CEO, Academy of Executive Coaching


"I had the pleasure of working with Ildeniz for over a year. Ildeniz came into a new organisation and fitted in immediately, getting on with everyone and I received only positive feedback. She immersed herself in the business, undertaking many of the programmes to learn the business. I found Ildeniz extremely reliable and conscientious, she works hard, but always has a balance and a great ability to take a look at herself and learn from the situation. I would recommend Ildeniz without hesitation." 

Richard Clarke, Systemic Executive Coach and Facilitator



"Ildeniz is a consummate professional; personable, dedicated, highly capable and driven to achieve success. She is an excellent team member and has a good eye for detail. It is a pleasure to work with Ildeniz." 

Gina Lodge, Marketing Director, Academy of Executive Coaching 



"A dedicated and proficient marketing manager, professional and efficient in her work and a valued and supportive colleague and member of the team."

Katie Mills, Business Development Manager, SOAS



"Her wide knowledge of the creative sector, in particular branding, made for an extremely professional, friendly and efficient working relationship; an understandable brief, clear objectives, regular feedback. A very competent, reliable, and personable client." 

Simon Moss, Creative Director, TheAnswerMachine 


"Ildeniz, is always very supportive, constructive, accountable, open and result-driven person.
She has strong communication and teamwork skills. She is also good at following up."

Gamze Acar Bayraktaroglu, Institute of Executive Coaching and Mentoring 


"Ildeniz is a highly professional and competent sales professional who creates dynamic relationships with clients that achieve results. Ildeniz is also a hard worker who is dedicated to achieving personal and professional success." 

Stephen Daltrey, CEO, Trusted Success Partnership



"Always keen to help, and her work is consistently high in quality. A valued member of the team."

Philip Fiddaman, Knowledge Transfer Coordinator, University of Hertfordshire


"Ildeniz has an enthusiastic approach to her work. Her analyses are quick and thorough, she identifies issues logically and clearly, and proposes creative and effective solutions."

Roger Chisnall, Managing Director, Safehands Property Projects



"Ildeniz can bring a whole new perspective to solving a problem. Her marketing expertise has helped to over-recruit for events. I recommend Ildeniz as a great team contributor, especially for her marketing knowledge. "

Paul Corazzo, Business Development Co-ordinator, University of Hertfordshire


"A very charming and highly intelligent individual. She has passion for her work and a determination to succeed. An excellent professional all round!" 

Elvin Box, Head of Marketing, Schal International Management




"Ildeniz has developed into her role at the university over the past couple of years. She has absorbed multiple projects effortlessly into her workload extremely well."

Nigel Culkin, Director of Centre for Innovation and Enterprise, University of Hertfordshire


"The most understanding and thoughtful client you can possibly ask for. We have found our relationship really easy going and this is thanks to incredible organisation skills and professional temperament." 

Kish Parmar, Director, Kish and Chips Ltd


"Great to work for. Friendly to deal with and doesn't mess around. Very professional."

Charles Fenoughty, Designer/Writer, Clear Focus Design and Marketing 


"Ildeniz has been an integral part of rebranding our business. She has always been helpful and informative while going out of her way to help make our brand stronger. I am much happier with how we portray our business online and in person since getting Cream Marketing involved."

Carl Yates, Creative Director, Spearhead Productions


"Ildeniz has been reliable partner in business development.Sensing opportunities and moving towards solutions-pleasure to work with!." 

Peep Aaviksoo, Executive Coach, Estonian Business School