Cream Creative Marketing designed the 'Grow and Expand' Marketing package to support businesses that are established in the industry but do not have the in-house expertise to focus on marketing campaigns, create exposure and enter new markets. Growing and expanding for any business can be exciting and challenging, at the same time growth can make good business sense. This would mean better brand recognition, building value in the business for employees and customers, offering a wider range of products and services to a larger geographical market, and creating "economies of scale".


The 'Grown and Expand' marketing package is here to support businesses that are ready to take on this challenge. The package focuses on differentiating your business from your competitors, building the right brand image and the marketing campaigns with attractive corporate literature and designing the right marketing campaigns to reach out to dream clients. 

'Grow and Expand' Marketing Package

Interested in gaining competitive advantage through expansion? 

What is included in the package?


  • A Two-Hour Marketing and Business Consultation - Tailored to suit your specific business, we will explore the objectives of your business. We will discuss topics you can focus on to make a real difference to your business; which may include developing professional corporate literature, improving your company’s image and developing marketing campaigns. 

  • Cream Creative Marketing Plan – Following the consultation you will receive a Marketing Plan that contains all the ideas discussed and action plan for next steps.

  • Website Review and Webcopy Analysis - We will review your existing website and provide ideas on how to improve the webcopy to reach to the right and wider target audience.  

  • Corporate Identity Review and New Guideline Creation – If agreed that there is a need for updating the look and feel of your brand, we will review your brand and provide you with 2 branding concepts which we believe will reflect your values, your company's personality which will differentiate you in the market and give the right message to your potential clients.

  • Corporate Stationery Design and Print – This pack will include the design and print of 500 business cards, letterheads, and complimentary slips in line with your corporate identity.

  • Corporate brochure – Includes the copywriting and design of a 4 page corporate brochure that reflects the corporate identity.

  • First marketing campaign flyer – Includes design and development of the initial marketing campaign for an A5 flyer design. This design will be in line with the corporate identity. 

  • 90 Day Review Meeting - For an established business that eager to expand, every day and every activity is critical. This 1.5 hour review meeting will help you and your business to keep track of the progress you are making in the short-term, identify the initial marketing tools that have worked and additional marketing tools you may use for more business exposure in longer term. 

The package fee 

£599. The great advantage of Cream 'Grow and Expand' Marketing Package is that you know exactly how much the support is going to cost at the outset and exactly what you will get for your money. 


Please note that the Cream Start-ups Package is only available for businesses that have been trading for more than one year. If you are a start-up that has been trading for less than a year, you may like to find out more about our 'First Steps' Marketing Package.


Additional marketing support 


Additional services you may need as an established small business: Corporate Identity Guides/ Branding Guidelines, Corporate Logo, Business Cards, Business Letterheads, Corporate brochures, Facebook and Twitter Accounts, Flyers, Posters, Banners, PR Campaigns, Copywriting, Corporate stationery. Information on our other marketing solutions can be found on our What we do pages.