Often businesses reach a point in their development where a new market looks appealing and offers great potential for their products and services. Entering a new market may have a number of risks and it is ideal to weigh up the opportunity it holds against the risk and resources you will need in order to enter it.


At Cream Creative Marketing in collaboration with our Franchising and Licensing Expert Partner Spread., we can provide you the guidance and support you need to franchise or license your business; nationally or internationally. 


Most organisations would like to develop a franchising or licensing to enter new markets due to:

  • Lower cost - Initial payment and continuous percentage in revenue

  • Simpler management - No responsibility for day-to-day running of business units

  • Faster expansion - More brand visibility

  • Better market penetration - Local knowledge and expertise

  • Greater commitment from franchisees - Investment

  • Less recruitment - Franchisees are responsible for own staff

  • International potential - Long term goals

Expansion: Franchising and Licensing

We can discuss the current situation of yor organisation and create a realistic expansion strategy which will be most profitable for you. We have helped organisations evaluate that risk and find the most effective and resourceful way to enter a new market. 


This has involved:

  • researching the new market and its dynamics

  • evaluating the potential these markets hold – comparing and contrasting to the organisation’s existing market the organisation currently operates in

  • assessing competition levels and the resources needed to enter the new market

  • planning and implementing marketing campaigns that introduce the organisation’s offering to that new market

Our services include