Digital Marketing Solutions

Smart digital communication tools to reach wider audience


Social media tools can provide companies a unique way to communicate with customers, attract new clients and increase brand awareness on a relatively low budget. At the same time, involvement in social media can take a lot of time and divert organisations away from other business development tactics.


At Cream Creative Marketing, we can establish a plan and programme which keeps your brand, business or personal profile fresh with interesting content and builds more social interaction with your target audience.


We will work with you to  determine which social network platforms are the best channel for your business and identify the right tools that you can use and maintain these platforms on a regular basis.

Our services include


  • Right social media platform identification, setup and support

  • Objective setting

  • Market needs and trends

  • Conversion rate optimisation

  • Digital Tactic Analysis and Implementation: SEO, PPC, Affiliate/ Partner Marketing, Online advertising, Online PR, SMM and more

  • Key digital strategies

  • Lead generation techniques

  • Content marketing

  • Webcopy writing

  • E-newsletters

  • E-Contact strategy