Effective business strategy is key to success


Cream Creative Marketing help organisations refocus and clearly define their business strategy, prepare practical business plans, integrate and enhance their sales and marketing programmes, and perhaps most importantly, shape dreams into focused goals.


We work in collaboration with you to develop a tailored business strategy plan to help you meet your objectives.

Business Strategy and Implementation

  • Risk Analysis and Contingency Plans

  • Key Success Factors

  • Implementation Programmes

  • Strategic Alliances

  • Franchising and Licensing

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Mission Statement and key objectives

  • Strategic Planning

  • Financial Analysis and Planning

  • Positioning

  • Target Market Segmentation 

  • Market Needs and Trends

  • Market Research and Analysis

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Positioning Analysis

Our services include


The Process


Audit - Cream Creative Marketing start the process with understanding your need and review your current business activity so that, when it comes to putting together a strategy and a consistent message backed up with the marketing plan and right brand identity, we have a clear direction to go. 


Effective Plan - Cream Creative Marketing will carry out the top research into your sector, your target market, your competitors and even your customers before any planning is done. This will help us position your organisation in the right and segment the right audience. We will then create the right bespoke strategy for you.


Strategy Implementation - Cream Creative Marketing will support your organisation put the business strategy plan into action. This may take the form of reviewing your current plan, developing strategies to target the right audience and revising your identity, your online offer, your social media, your advertising or maybe developing expansion opportunities for your business.