Brand Identity and Brand Management

The right organisation personality is essential


Cream Creative Marketing are experts at ensuring that your brand and brand image stands out from the crowd and that clients remember you.


We work closely with your organisation to understand your organisation's "personality" and add value to your brand either by creating a brand - if you are a start-up, or re-brand your identity if you are an established business. 


At Cream Creative Marketing, we believe that each organisation has the right "look and feel" therefore; we start our focus on unique selling points (USP) and key differentiation points of your business to others. With this insight, we design a brand around your business making sure your business gets known for the right reasons. We establish your company's personality and implement a "launch" strategy across all marketing platforms.



Our services include


  • Setting Organisational Profile

  • Personality and Corporate Culture Profiling

  • Market Research and Analysis

  • Brand Story and Tagline Creation

  • Value Proposition

  • Brand Positioning 

  • Logo Creation

  • Branding Guidelines

  • Creative Design Artwork - Design and Print

  • Brand Launch - Internal and External Campaigns