Advertising and Public Relations

Outstanding advertising and excellent communication


Many businesses work with us for our expertise and specialised knowledge. Using Cream Creative Marketing can save your business valuable time. While you are focusing on running the business and strategy, Cream Creative Marketing can create and run the advertising and PR campaigns for you.


It can be difficult to spot the PR opportunity within your own business. Working with you, Cream Creative Marketing can prepare a plan that tells others about your service or product whether it is through newspapers, radio, journals, online blogs and platforms. 


Having the right PR communications and advertising plan in place can create genuine interest, create awareness, raise profile and attract more clients for your business.

Our services include


  • Advertising Message Creation

  • PR Message Creation

  • Advertorial Design

  • Editorial Creation and Copywriting

  • Advertising Budget Determination and Allocation

  • Creative Advertising and PR Campaign Plan

  • PR/ Advertising Campaign Execution

  • Campaign Effectiveness Evaluation

  • Media Plan Development

  • Advertising and PR Campaign Reviews